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DeFranco & Bradley, P.C. concentrates its practice on the areas of civil litigation which most frequently result in a jury trial. Its attorneys staunchly defend the right to trial by jury because it recognizes the essential function of the jury in our system of justice.

DeFranco & Bradley, P.C.’s practice areas are grouped in three distinct areas: personal injury and employment cases, insurance coverage analysis and litigation, and complex litigation arising out of construction design and defect cases, class action lawsuits, and mass and toxic tort litigation.

Our practice areas include:

Personal Injury and Employment

Construction and Industrial Accidents

A large number of the firm’s cases in which plaintiffs claim catastrophic injuries or permanent wage loss arise out of construction and industrial accident claims.  The firm defends cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal disc herniations, and burn injuries, wrongful death, complex regional pain syndrome, and other orthopedic injuries. The firm handles cases for some of the largest construction contractors and subcontractors in the area and defends cases for the largest steel mill in downstate Illinois.

Premises Liability and Security

The firm handles personal injury cases arising out of customer accidents in retail stores, including slip and fall, falling merchandise, wrongful detention and arrest, and failure to provide sufficient security.  The firm’s president has represented the largest retailer in the world for over twenty-five years.  He successfully obtained a defense verdict in the area’s largest claim for punitive damages against a retailer in southern Illinois.  The firm has an extensive in-house research database on premises liability and security cases, which it uses to efficiently and effectively defend such cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The firm defends truck tractor-trailer, commercial motor vehicle, and personal motor vehicle collision cases.  The firm’s vice president has developed an efficient and effective manner of defending low-impact, soft-tissue motor vehicle collision cases in St. LouisCity, St. LouisCounty, MadisonCounty, and St. Clair County.

Professional Malpractice

The firm defends a wide variety of professional malpractice personal injury cases, including cases alleging medical, engineering design, architecture, and pharmacy malpractice.  The firm represents one of the largest pharmacy chains in the area and has obtained defense verdicts in cases against orthopedic surgeons, pharmacists, engineers, and other professionals.

Product Liability

The firm defends manufacturers and retailers of products in negligent design, strict product liability, breach of warranty, and negligent manufacture personal injury cases.  The firm has handled cases involving coal processing machinery, punch presses, consumer products, coal mine vehicles, lawn mowers, bicycles, vehicle tire failures, and industrial machinery.

Employment Torts

The firm has tried cases alleging retaliatory discharge, breach of employment contract, race discrimination, gender discrimination, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The firm utilizes the processes it developed in complex and mass tort personal injury cases to compile comprehensive indexed databases for its complex employment cases.  The firm routinely partners with in-house and national outside counsel when defending employment cases.


First-Party Property Damage

The firm developed a unique method of handling first-party coverage cases for property damage arising out of arson and fraud.  The firm’s president pioneered the approach and obtained three consecutive defense verdicts in two homeowner cases and a commercial arson case in the same year.  In each case, the jury returned a defense verdict in favor of the insurer and also returned  a verdict on the counterclaim against the insured for the amounts paid to the lien-holder.  The firm’s president authored Examinations Under Oath, a book collecting and analyzing case law from federal and state jurisdictions relating to the procedure.  The firm’s president has been a guest speaker at IASIU, IAAI, and MAACA seminars and has published articles concerning insurance fraud for the Illinois Bar Journal, DRI’ law journal, Illinois Defense Counsel’s law hournal, and Southern Illinois University School of Law journal.

The firm has handled first-party property cases involving mine subsidence, construction defect, and environmental contamination.

Bodily Injury

The firm provides coverage opinions to its insurers and defends declaratory judgment actions and third party claims filed against them arising out of personal injury claims.  The firm has filed numerous declaratory judgment actions against insureds on behalf of its insurance companies relating to coverage issues arising out of underlying personal injury lawsuits.

With respect to first-party bodily injury claims, the firm has partnered with its insurance company clients to create an efficient system of handling low-impact, soft-tissue claims brought by individual insureds on their personal and commercial automobile policies.  The firm takes particular pride in its ability to efficiently provide legal representation to the special investigative units with which it partners.



The firm represents the world’s largest provider of geotechnical engineering services and has defended engineers and architects in construction design defect cases, including a case involving the failure of an entire subdivision in Jefferson County Missouri and a series of claims arising out of the construction of the Metro-Link system in Illinois and Missouri..

Class Action Suits

The firm has partnered with firms from Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Little Rock, and Washington, D.C. to protect the interests of its clients in the county that has been described as the “class action capital” of the country. The firm has also represented defendants in class action consumer fraud cases.

Mass and Toxic Torts

The firm defends cases in which numerous claimants allege injury from the same occurrence or chemical exposure.  The firm has represented a number of businesses in asbestos cases filed in Madison County and has successfully extricated all of them from the litigation before discovery through voluntary production of information to opposing counsel.

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